Dos and Don’ts at the Public Market

photo 2

Visiting the Rochester Public Market is a Saturday ritual for many folks, but the attendance rises and falls based on the season, the weather, construction and the proximity of the holidays. I go every Saturday that I can, so I would like to humbly offer up some tips for those who may visit on a less regular basis…so you don’t upset the regulars.

1.Don’t Park In the Market

While there is parking inside the market, by 7:30 its packed and guarded by zealous attendants who will not hesitate to let you know how foolish you were to wander into their territory. There’s plenty of parking outside the Market. Also, the Market is a pedestrian free-for-all. Entering or leaving the Market will entail creeping along and letting every wandering shopper pass you by.

2. Do Stop and Listen to the Announcements

As parking is limited, people often stop and park in places they shouldn’t. When they are found out, the Market staff announces their car make, model and license plate in sarcasm-laced PSAs that must be appreciated. See #1

3. Don’t Get There After 10:30

The RPM is a real working farmer’s market. Many of the people who are selling you apples or cabbage or pierogies grew or made those things with their own hands. These folks are up early and working hard when most of us are still tucked in our beds. The best stuff will be gone early.

4. Do Stop and Have an Empanada

What I love about the Market, besides the cheap veggies, is the experience. No where else in Rochester will you see dreadlocked Jamacians buying cobbler from the Mennonite bakers. A big part of that experience is the food. Don’r rush through. Chill. Have an empanada. Or a burrito. Or a cup of coffee. Or a pastry.

5. Don’t Buy the First Head of Lettuce You See

A big advantage of the Market is the variety and low cost of…everything. Again, take your time. Compare what the vendors are selling. You may find a better deal three stalls down. If not, that’s okay. Its all pretty cheap.





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