Running hurt

All runners get hurt. Its as simple as that. Running has a 100% percent injury rate (Read Born To Run if you don’t believe me, or even if you do. It’s a great book!) so it’s a fact that runners accept. The harder fact to accept, and it seems intuitive but often isn’t, is that getting hurt will involve not running for a while. 

I’d recently been having a persistent ache in my heel, a surefire sign that my Achilles is acting up. Major bad news: damaging the Achilles can really put a crimp in your running, not to mention any sort of movement involving your legs, which is pretty much all the best kind of movement. But it still took me a week and a half to admit that I should probably take a break. For two days. 

I iced my heel and didn’t run, and once I wasn’t in agony anymore, I went back to running. This will sound crazy to many, but runners will agree: not running sucks worse. 


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