Cooking and Watching TV

A favorite Sunday morning activity of mine is to make pancakes while I watch netflix or hulu (usually the Office) and drink coffee. My wife Shizuka sometimes make fun of me for this, as I have on occasion been so distracted by Dunder Mifflin that I forgot to add butter to the pancake batter.  Occasionally. Not often.

The attraction, I have come to realize, is that it is guilt-free vegging out. If I were to just sit down and watch Office reruns over and over, I would be such a loser. This way, I am a great husband and cook, a modern day renaissance man, who just happens to be watching some TV along the way.

I also have to admit that I don’t mind ironing my shirts, for exactly the same reason. I have plowed through most of Breaking Bad this way. However, ironing and watching Breaking Bad can be a dangerous combination. 


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