Tea Party in the family…

In the aftermath of the recent debt ceiling/government shutdown kerfuffle, I think its safe to say that many Americans have decided that either Obama or the Tea Party will eventually destroy the USA. I am on the fairly liberal side of that equation but, with a brother who’s a history buff, I try to take […]

Running hurt

All runners get hurt. Its as simple as that. Running has a 100% percent injury rate (Read Born To Run if you don’t believe me, or even if you do. It’s a great book!) so it’s a fact that runners accept. The harder fact to accept, and it seems intuitive but often isn’t, is that […]

Cooking and Watching TV

A favorite Sunday morning activity of mine is to make pancakes while I watch netflix or hulu (usually the Office) and drink coffee. My wife Shizuka sometimes make fun of me for this, as I have on occasion been so distracted by Dunder Mifflin that I forgot to add butter to the pancake batter.  Occasionally. […]

Studying Japanese

After living in Japan for four years, marrying a Japanese woman and falling in love with super-violent samurai movies like “Lone Wolf and Cub” (check that out if you haven’t) the Japanese language has been an ongoing part of my life for a while. Japanese has the reputation of being a very difficult language to […]